Haris Diamantidis

Short Biographical Note

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Haris Diamantidis was born in Athens in the middle of past century. In 1968, fleeing the social and political atmosphere of that period, he moved to Geneva where he studied Chemistry and Biochemistry and at the same time he became active in the field of Photography, an activity to which he has devoted himself full-time since 1998.


His photographies have been published in various magazines and newspapers in Switzerland, France and Greece. He has also participated in various International Festivals such as the R.I.P. in Arles (1st Price of Travel Photography in 1981), « Etonnants Voyageurs » in Saint-Malo, Month of Photography in Athens and Paris, « Photosyngyria » in Salonica, etc.


His photographic works are part of the collections of Museum Nicephore Niepce in Chalon-sur-Saône, Museum of Château d’Eau in Toulouse, E.L.I.A. (Greek Historical and Folkloric Archives) and Benakis Museum in Athens.